Who is K_Line Christian Online? K_Line Christian Online is the Personal web page of Tom Truex. K_Line has information about the Christian Community in Southeast Florida; and more particularly Southwest Broward County. A few features of note:

  • Beginning in 2013 through 2919, the content on this site will include information about the “One Year Bible Challenge” at Christ the Rock Community Church (CRCC), in Cooper City, Florida.
  • An archive of the old weekly postings for the Christian Men’s group in Davie, Florida, through December 2012.
  • The “Polls/Survey” tab. Yes the polls are intended to be silly. PLEASE participate in the polls, but don’t hold the content against me.

History: In 1995, K_Line Christian BBS started as a dialup (modem) computer Bulletin Board System (BBS). You could still dial-up directly until about 2005, if you had a modem and the correct software. At one time the BBS had thousands of active messages, files, bulletins, etc. It was connected via FidoNet, and a couple of Christian Networks. The BBS was the home of my periodic newsletter, oNline Christian eMagazine. You can still find bits of that publication littering the Internet, particularly several articles which were reprinted in Computer Underground Digest (CuD).

K_Line Christian BBS was one of the last dial-up BBS’s remaining in the US. It was home to thousands of vintage text files, graphics files and shareware/freeware programs. K_Line Christian BBS was an example of a time to when online computer communications was directed by mighty geeks on their home computers. Before commercialism and big business took over the internet.

K_Line Christian BBS is currently a blOg available at http://k-line.org.