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Most important techology? BlOg poll

People are so dependent on modern technology, to the point of being ridiculous. Which one of the following items is MOST important to you? Or, phrased another way, which modern device would you LEAST like to give up?

Most important technology? If you could have ONLY ONE of the following items, which one would it be?

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Linux still #1 (by a wide margin) for supercomputers

According to, Linux has slightly increased it’s market share over the previous 6 month period. Now almost 92% of the most powerful computers in the world are run by Linux! Not Microsoft Windows. What do the operators of supercomputers know that the rest of the Microsoft-Centric world has failed to grasp??? Just saying.

top 500 supercomputers
Chart showing the market share of the top 500 supercomputers

Operating system Family share for 11/2010

Operating system Family Count Share % Rmax Sum (GF) Rpeak Sum (GF) Processor Sum
Linux 459 91.80 % 38587202 58399775 5146933
Windows 5 1.00 % 412590 509350 59072
Unix 19 3.80 % 1399566 1796003 109970
BSD Based 1 0.20 % 122400 131072 1280
Mixed 16 3.20 % 3151334 3819110 1155072
Totals 500 100% 43673092.54 64655310.70 6472327

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