WordPress plugin review: The Holy Scripturizer 1.8.3

The Holy Scripturizer 1.8.3 automatically creates links to Bible verses, and a lot more. I prefer this program to a similar program, WP-Bible 1.7.10

The Holy Scripturizer 1.8.3
Authors: Dean Peters, ported by Glen Davis, updated by Laurence O’Donnell (v1.5-1.7) & Peter V Cook (v1.8)
Plugin website: http://scripturizer.wordpress.com
Automatically converts Bible references into hyperlinks pointed to major online Bible sites. EXAMPLE: John 3:16-18.1 Continue reading “WordPress plugin review: The Holy Scripturizer 1.8.3”

  1. This feature is operational as of the date of this post. I do not guaranty future events, so I can’t be sure The Holy Scripturizer will be installed if you read this note some time in the distant future

WordPress Plugin Review: WP-Bible 1.7.10

WP-Bible 1.7.10 is easy to set up and performs exactly as advertised.

WP-Bible 1.7.10
Author: Matej Nastran
Plugin websiter: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-bible/
This plugin finds Bible references in your posts and pops up a box with the actual text from the Bible. You can choose any of 38 different translations in 14 languages that are available at BIBLIJA.net. This plugin performs exactly as advertised and works as if by magic. Most users of this plugin will be thrilled with it. On my website, however, I found the program to be rather too much of a good thing. Specifically, I use a lot of Bible citations in the text of my posts. So as I navigate the page with my mouse, I tend to detonate those text boxes right and left. The result is rather cluttered. I wish I had the option of clicking, rather than mousing over, the citation in order to pull up the Bible verses. Again, this shouldn’t seriously detract from a good plugin that performs amazingly the task for which it was designed.

My rating (out of 5 stars):