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Imitation of Christ

Week 33, One Year Bible Challenge: “The Family Tree”

Christ the Rock Community Church, Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study This week’s reading August 13-191 Nehemiah 5:14-Esther 7:10 1 Corinthians 8:1-12:26 Psalm 33:1-36:12 Proverbs 21:8-21:22 Next Week’s Reading August 20-26 Esther 8:1 to 26 Job 22:30 1 Corinthians 12:27 to 2 Corinthians 1:11 Psalm 37:1 to 40:17 Proverbs 21:23 to 22:4 Discussion Questions:2 Old Testament […]

Week 52 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 52 Discussion Notes:1 In Chapter 16, Kempis reminds us that God knows everything about us. We come to him in prayer for comfort and relief. Does the fact that God knows everything about you give you comfort or cause you concern? (Day 358 & 363) The Roman Catholic Church and many other denominations and […]

Week 51: Christian Mens Breakfast: Imitate Christ

Week 51 Discussion Notes:1 Some churches and denominations have historically celebrated “the Lords Supper” or “Agape Meal” as a related, but separate event from the Eucharist. Do you find any compelling Biblical reason for this practice? (Day 351) In Chapter 15, Kempis further recommends the importance of devotion to Christ. What are are some Biblical […]

Christian Mens Breakfast: Imitate Christ

Week 50 Discussion Notes:1 Should we construe Christ’s Words in John 13:14-15 as instructions to wash one another’s feet, in as similar manner as we partake of Holy Communion? (Day 344) If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.   [15]  For I […]

Week 49 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 49 Discussion Notes:1 What purpose does the “Examination” serve, prior to taking communion? What are the arguments for and against either examination by the church; or self examination? (Day 337) In Chapter 10 of THE IMITATION OF CHRIST, Kempis warns us to be vigilant in preparing for Communion; but in THE LITTLE KEMPIS, he […]

Week 48 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 48 Discussion Notes:1 In Chapter 8, Kempis wrote that if we wish to be Christ’s disciple, we must offer ourselves to Him with all our heart. Devotion to Christ isn’t so hard at church, or where other Christians congregate. It is quite another thing to show one’s devotion to Christ in places where God […]

Week 47 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 47 Discussion Notes:1 In some Christian traditions, a part of the service of Holy Communion is referred to as “The Great Thanksgiving.” Is there any relationship between this “Great Thanksgiving” and the autumn holiday in the USA, referred to as “Thanksgiving?” (Day 323) In Chapter 6, Kempis expressed his anxiety in preparing for the […]

Week 46 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 46 Discussion Notes:1 IMPORTANT NOTE: Our goal in this lesson is not to convince others of the correctness of our personal view or denomination; but to understand what the different views on some aspects of Holy Communion are. Christians have spent centuries in arguing about their DIFFERENT beliefs in how (if) Christ is present […]

Week 45 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 45 Discussion Notes:1 Kempis wrote in SOLILOQUY OF THE SOUL there is none like God in Heaven, or on earth, in beauty and glory, riches and power. Do you agree? Does the world give God the honor He is due? (Day 309) What are the circumstances and contexts in which the Bible refers to […]

Week 44 : Imitate Christ, Christian Mens Breakfast

Week 44 Discussion Notes:1 Week 44 begins with Book Four of The Imitation of Christ: “An Invitation to Holy Communion.” Some readers may be surprised that Goodwin (a nineteenth century Bishop in the Church of England) could not find very much to offend Protestants in the treatment which Thomas à Kempis (a medieval Roman Catholic […]