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National Day of Prayer, video

Reserve a place at the National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Davie, Florida: http://www.jsmitter.com/ndpregistration.htm

Lost Generation

Time to reverse our thinking. “The Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed. Interesting YouTube© video1 forwarded by Ralph L. **Please don’t quit the video until at least the 1st minute is finished! Note: Click on the screen after the video loads if you need to go to the YouTube website for a bigger picture. Footnote: I […]

“Baby Doc” Duvalier back in Haiti is (should be) BIG news

In terms of world geography, Florida and Haiti are practically next door neighbors. When I read about Duvalier’s return to Haiti in the Sun-Sentinel this morning I was shocked for two reasons: (1) Jean-Claude “Baby-Doc” Duvalier had returned to Haiti. His family apparently still has supporters–surprising to some, in view of the brutal legacy of […]