Lost Generation

Time to reverse our thinking.

“The Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed. Interesting YouTube© video1 forwarded by Ralph L. **Please don’t quit the video until at least the 1st minute is finished!

Note: Click on the screen after the video loads if you need to go to the YouTube website for a bigger picture.


  1. I don’t like to nitpick, but I can’t endorse the arguably humanistic statement that “true happiness comes from within;” but otherwise, they are on the right track

“Baby Doc” Duvalier back in Haiti is (should be) BIG news

Jean-Claude 'Baby-Doc' Duvalier
In terms of world geography, Florida and Haiti are practically next door neighbors. When I read about Duvalier’s return to Haiti in the Sun-Sentinel this morning I was shocked for two reasons:
(1) Jean-Claude “Baby-Doc” Duvalier had returned to Haiti. His family apparently still has supporters–surprising to some, in view of the brutal legacy of the “Baby Doc” and his father, who proceeded him. Father and son dictators. I’m not sure what the return of “Baby Doc” means for Haiti. I’m pretty sure it is not good news. But it is undeniably BIG news.
(2) Which brings me to the second reason I was shocked this morning. The Ft. Lauderdale, Sun-Sentinel buried the story in a few short paragraphs on page 16A.

OK, I give the Sun-Sentinel the benefit of the doubt–maybe the news snuck up on their print deadline. But as of now (a day after the fact), the story is still way down on the queue on their web site. Come on–this is a big story. Way big. Huge, in fact. Wake up and assign a reporter, or two or three, or four to work on this story.

Time/CNN’s Headline asks “Who Let ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Back into Haiti?” I’ve got another question. Who is there to keep him out? Calling the situation in Haiti chaos is giving it credit for more law and order than actually exists.