MOVIE REVIEW: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

The movie reviewed here is definitely NOT for children, and probably not for most other people either. Please see my previous post on why zombie films are reviewed on a Christian website like K_Line Christian Online. HOWEVER, even as a fan of the zombie genre, my advice on this movie is, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Zombies of Mass Destruction
Zombies of Mass Destruction
  • GENRE: Hard to say. It’s an Anti-Christian rant with a zombie theme.
  • ACTORS: Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, Cooper Hopkins, Bill Johns, Russell Hodgkinson, Ali Hamedani, Cornelia Moore, James Mesher, Linda Jensen, Victoria Drake
  • PARENTAL NOTE: Not intended for children. Bad language and questionable situations. Violence. Offensive to several groups, including a strong anti-Christian theme.
  • INTENDED AUDIENCE: This movie is intended for fans of the genre, and may not be appreciated by others.
  • GENERAL PLOT: (No spoilers) The usual. There is no real plot to speak of in Zombies of Mass Destruction, although having a plot is generally not a prerequisite to a good zombie movie. Zombies get loose. The surviving humans cope. Most of them get bit and turn into zombies. A few get disemboweled in classic zombie fashion.
  • REVIEW: I am a Christian who loves zombie movies. However, this film is not so much a zombie movie, as it is an Anti-Christian rant, with a zombie theme. Seriously, you can’t be too thin-skinned if you want to enjoy zombie movies. Many zombie movies depict characters questioning their faith, or have some less than flattering reference to the church. However, in the case of Zombies of Mass Destruction most of the movie is devoted to showing how bad and evil Christians are; and to demonstrate that neither Christians nor Christ Himself have any relevance or worth. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)”