Week 47, One Year Bible Challenge: “Serving the One True God”

Christ the Rock Community Church, Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

This week’s reading November 18-241
Ezekiel 39:1 to Daniel 2:23
James 2:18 to 1 Peter 4:6
Psalm 118:1 to 119:80
Proverbs 28:2 to Proverbs 28:14

Gate of Tyre
“Gate of Tyre,” from The Holy Land and the Bible (1888)

Next Week’s Reading November 25 to December 1
Daniel 2:24 to Daniel 11:1
1 Peter 4:7 to 1 John 3:6
Psalm 119:81 to 121:8
Proverbs 28:15- to 28:28

Discussion Questions:

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  1. If you are participating in the Saturday morning class, “The One Year Bible Challenge,” you should read the daily materials as set out in The One Year Bible.” The verses listed on this page will include a couple of extra days each week.