Week 11, One Year Bible Challenge: “Fiery serpents”

Christ the Rock Community Church, Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

This week’s reading March 12th to 18th1

Jesus Appears to the Holy Women, by Tissot
Jesus Appears to the Holy Women, by James Jacques Tissot (1836-1902)
Numbers 16:41-28:15
Mark 16:1-Luke 3:22
Psalm 55:1-61:8
Proverbs 11:7-17

Next Week’s Reading March 19th to 25th
Numbers 28:16 – Deuteronomy 4:49
Luke 3:23 – 7:10
Psalm 62:1 – 68:18
Proverbs 11:18 – 28

Discussion Questions:
Old Testament

  • In Numbers 21:6 the people again complained to Moses. Why did they keep complaining, notwithstanding all Moses (and God) had done for them? Was God’s punishment (the poisonous snakes) too harsh?

New Testament

  • What do we know about John the Baptist? How was his message and ministry different than that of Jesus? Read John 3:1-18


  1. If you are participating in the Saturday morning class, “The One Year Bible Challenge,” you should read the daily materials as set out in “The One Year Bible.” The verses listed on this page will include a couple of extra days each week.

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