Week 9, One Year Bible Challenge: “Jubilant”

Christ the Rock Community Church, Saturday Morning Men’s Group

  • Men’s Bible Study meets every Saturday Morning at Christ the Rock Community Church
  • 8am to 10am every Saturday morning
  • 11000 Stirling Road, Cooper City, FL 33328
  • For More information, contact Tom Truex @ the church office, 954.680.777p

This Week’s Reading (February 28 to March 5)

Healing the Blind
The Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind, possibly ca. 1570, El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek, 1541–1614)

Leviticus 19:1-Numbers 3:51
Mark 8:11-12:17
Psalm 42:1-47:9
Proverbs 10:17-25

Next Week’s Reading (March 6-12)
Numbers 4:1-16:40
Mark 12:18-15:47
Psalm 48:1-54:7
Proverbs 10:26-11:6
Discussion Questions:
Old Testament

  1. Most rules are made to address a problem or issue that has actually occurred. Do you think people were literally cursing the deaf, or putting stumbling blocks before the blind? If not, what was the meaning of Leviticus 19:14?
  2. Does Leviticus 19:28 have a modern application? That is, does God still prohibit tattoos?
  3. Does reading Chapter 20 of Leviticus make you think there really is nothing new under the sun? That is, the sins of today were practiced in ancient times as well?
  4. In Numbers 1:2, why did God command Moses to take only a census of only the males? See also, Number 1:20, 22, 24, etc.

New Testament

  1. Why did Jesus tell the Pharisees that no sign would be given. Shouldn’t we consider Jesus’ many miracles and teachings to be signs? Mark 8:12.
  2. If Peter thought Jesus was the Christ (Mark 8:29), then why did Peter rebuke Jesus for telling the disciples he would have to killed and raised after three days? Why did Peter seemingly abandon Jesus if he thought Jesus was the Christ?
  3. What was special about the unclean spirit in Mark 9:17-29. How did Jesus cast out this unclean spirit?
  4. In Mark 10:23, Jesus said, “How difficult it is for those who have riches to enter into the Kingdom of God!” So why do many Christians try so hard to acquire riches?

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