Week 38, One Year Bible Challenge: “Big Fish”

Christ the Rock Community Church, Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

This week’s reading September 17 to 231

Gustave Doré: The Destruction
Of Leviathan (1866)

Isaiah 25:1 to Isaiah 43:13
Galatians 3:10 to Ephesians 2:22
Psalm 61:1 to Psalm 67:7
Proverbs 23:17 to Proverbs 23:35

Next Week’s Reading September 24 to 30
Isaiah 43:14 to Isaiah 62:5
Ephesians 3:1 to Philippians 2:18
Psalm 68:1 to Psalm 72:20
Proverbs 24:1 to Proverbs 24:12

Discussion Questions:
Old Testament

  • The prophet, Isaiah, said God’s kindness to the wicked did not make them do good. Have you found this observation to be true in modern society? Isaiah 26:10
  • Is talking like a righteous person—using words and phrases that good church people say–better than nothing, even if your heart isn’t really in what you say? Isaiah 29:13
  • Why, in Isaiah 36:11, did the representatives of the King of Judah request the Assyrians speak in Aramaic? Was this a reasonable request? How did the Assyrians respond? Read Isaiah 36:1-20

New Testament

  • Was Jesus Christ cursed, since he was “hanged on a tree?” Galatians 3:10-14.
  • Discuss the analogy of the child under a guardian in Galatians 4:1-7. What does it tell you about the Law and Jesus Christ?
  • Can the Holy Spirit help you resist desires of the flesh? Galatians 5:16. Even the desires enumerated in Galatians 5:19-21? How does this work?


  1. If you are participating in the Saturday morning class, “The One Year Bible Challenge,” you should read the daily materials as set out in The One Year Bible.” The verses listed on this page will include a couple of extra days each week.

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